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  • Up to 18 updates per second.
  • 66 data points logged simultaneously (up to 76 if using the user-definable option).
  • Captures & displays Spark Advance, Injector Pulsewidth, all 16 BLMs, and more!
  • On-the-fly net Horsepower and Torque calculations.
  • Find out how much power your car is producing at the wheels without a dyno!
  • Distance traveled indicator with indicators for common Quarter-mile markers.
  • Allows you to see exactly when you finished the Quarter-mile!
  • Find out what your car is doing at the 60', 330', 1/8th mile, 1000', 1/4 mile, etc.!
  • Three different displays:
  • Numerical for all logged data
  • Graphical Dials for a dash-board feel.
  • Graphical Scope to view trends on-line without needing to export data to a seperate graphing program.
  • Data Exportable in Comma-delimited format to your favorite spreadsheet program.
  • Logs at least 14 seconds pre-trigger & 90 seconds post-trigger, depending on update rate.
  • User-definable variable update rate - trade update rate for more recording time.
  • Auto-redisplay of data - re-visit the logged run in 'realtime' - second for second.
  • Zero-out feature - no need to trigger exactly when the car crosses the start line. Simply press the '0' key when reviewing the logged data to re-set the distance and time of that frame to 0. The program does the rest.

    A complete list of all logged data:







    Inj. PW* 

     Boost PW*


    Batt. Volts 

    A/F Mix 



     Prog. Idle*



     Spark Adv.

     Spk. Retard


    O2 Volts 

     O2 X-counts

    Net HP* 

    Net Torque* 


     All 16 BLMs*

    BLM Disable* 

    Highway Spk.* 

     Accel. Enrich.*

    PE Mode*


    Fuel Cutoff* 

    3rd Gear

    4th Gear 

    Decel. Enlean.*

     Clear Flood


     Open Loop Idle*

     Low Speed Fan*

    Decel Fuel Cutoff*  

    Boost Indicator*

     TCC lockup


     Batt Warn

    A/C Req. 

     Trouble Codes

    ECM Mode 

     ECM Loop


     A/F Ratio*

    ALDL reported BLM 

     SES Indicator*

     Up to 10 extra bytes of user-defined data.*
    * - DirectScan Exclusive
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